GOAL: Have multiple fun, creative images of the team for the website and social media.

APPAREL: Neutrals and natural colors. Colors are ok but nothing too bold or distracting.

  • Clothing:

    • Bring multiple outfit options that can be mixed and matched.

    • Season neutral - it will be COLD but we want to be able to use the photos year around. You can bring a coat but try to avoid sweaters/scarves/beanies. We can take off layers inside but then put them back on outside! Cardigans/light jackets are perf.

    • Black/Navy/Jeans and lighter pieces.

  • Jewelry: Jewelry is welcome but keep pieces minimal. A simple necklace, neutral metals, no bright stones or statement pieces.

  • Accessories: Accessories welcome but keep neutral and simple.

APPEARANCE: Keep your apperance clean, neutral and natural. 

  • Nails: Clean, manicured nails. Neutral colors or no polish.

  • Hair: Clean, natural hair - nothing over done.

    • Messy bun, natural looking waves.

  • Make-up: People tend to be washed out on camera so have some color on your eyes, cheeks and lips. But keep the colors natural and subtle.

Clothing Inspriation

Cove Social Session redit-0094.jpg