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After years of dreaming and building, Cove Creative is officially live! It’s no longer just solo freelancer, Rachel Hos Design. Instead, we have launched Cove Creative, a visual marketing studio committed to creating purposeful brand strategy, authentic communication and stunning visuals for growing companies. Our goal is to share your story in a way that captivates your ideal audience and fosters results.

Rachel, here. I am Cove’s Founder and Creative Director. I founded Cove after doing freelance graphic design for almost 5 years. I loved working with small businesses on branding and website design but I kept seeing issues with multiple clients. They focused all the time, energy and resources on the visuals with no strategy or direction. They didn’t really know who they were trying to reach; they just wanted to sell their products or services.

As a creative and a visual person, I know how important the visuals are to a successful and memorable brand. If you don’t know who you are trying to reach, you’re going to constantly draw in the wrong people or no one at all. And without strategy on how to reach them, it’s a shot in the dark.


Cove is aiming to change that. We are using a team approach. I’ve found experts who are are passionate, thought-leaders who seek results. Starting with market research and strategy, we craft a holistic plan tailored to appeal to the right audience. We establish messaging, voice and create magnetic visuals. Websites that are strategic. Branded photography that reflects your business. The combination of these things solidifies your brand. When we add intentional communication and a multi-faceted approach to reach your target and calls them to action. The whole process is built to drive results.

What keeps you up at night
gets us up in the morning


Define Your Direction

Brand Strategy

Brand strategy is the key process that adds direction behind your visuals and communication. We'll align your business and your branding, to ensure you're sharing the right story with the right people.

  • Goal Setting

  • Brand Message

  • Brand Voice

  • Market Strategy

  • Business Name Development

  • Website Strategy

  • Social & Digital Strategy

  • Branding for Recruitment


Reflect Your Brand


Set your company apart with a unique brand identity and dynamic visuals. Our team will empower your business to excel through compelling web design and imagery.

  • Logo & Brand Identity

  • Website Design

  • Creative Direction & Production

  • Branded Photography

  • Videography

  • Prop Styling

  • Packaging

  • Print Collateral


Share your Story


Great branding deserves great communication. Connect with your ideal client through meaningful marketing and copy.

  • Marketing Plan

  • Brand Launch PLan

  • Content Creation

  • Writing

  • Public Relations

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Social Media Management


Our main goal for expanding our team and expanding our services is to offer a more holistic approach to partnering with businesses. Read more about our services, about us and contact us with any questions or projects.

Welcome to Cove Creative!

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